Precision Air conditioning

Why Do I Need Precision Air Conditioning?

Because information processing is the lifeblood of all critical operations, reliability in your technology room is vital to your company's health. IT hardware produces an unusual, concentrated heat load, and at the same time, is very sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity. A temperature and/or humidity swing can produce problems ranging from processed “gibberish” to a complete system shutdown. This can create huge costs for the company, depending on the length of the interruption and the value of time and data lost. Standard comfort air conditioning is not designed to handle the heat load concentration and heat load profile of technology rooms, nor is it designed to provide the precise temperature and humidity set point required for these applications. Precision air systems are designed for close temperature and humidity control. They provide high reliability for year-round operation, with the ease of service, system flexibility and redundancy necessary to keep the technology room up and running 24 hours a day.

Differences between Precision Air and Comfort Air Conditioning:


  • High density heat loads
  • Precise temperature & humidity
  • Designed for 24/7 operations
  • 80%-100% sensible | 20% latent
  • SHR : .90 - .99
  • CMF/TR – 600-1000
  • Temperature – 21+/- 1deg.c
  • RH(%) - 50+/- 5


  • Low density Heat Loads
  • General Conditions for Humans
  • Intermittent use 8-12 Hours a Day
  • 65%-80% Sensible | 35% Latent
  • SHR : .60 - .80
  • CFM /TR – 300-400
  • Temperature – 24deg.c – no precise control
  • RH (%)- no precise control