• Stay Comfortable & Save Money All Year Long

  • Stay Comfortable & Save Money All Year Long

  • Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Installation

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Quality Assured

Guaranteed that all of your Air Conditioning & HVAC solution performed safely and responsibly.

Quiet Operations

A system which does not goes hard in your ears, we make it as smoothest as possible.

Wide Selection

Wide range of HVAC & Air Conditioning systems to fulfill all your requirements anywhere.

Energy Efficiency

It's awesome when you save energy even in making your surrounding comfortable.

Heating & Air Conditioning

About Us

Cool Earth HVAC Engineers Pvt Ltd. a Group of Companies with Experienced Professionals working in the Air Conditioning Industries, has over a period of time established itself as an expert in the field of HVAC systems.

HVAC System Services

HVAC System Design

Includes Preparation of design data, Detailed Heat Load calculations, HVAC system design, Preparation of Ducting, Piping, Equipment Layouts.

HVAC System Consultancy

Complete consultncy ranging from Preparation of Specifications, Contract, to cost estimation, tender invitation, inspection & supervisory work, & evaluation of quality work.

Commissioning of AC Plants

Complete installation, testing & commissioning of air conditioning plant with complete maintenance service with 100% satisfaction work.

Air Conditioning Solution

Commercial Air Conditioning

Chiller, Central Air conditioning, AHU, FCU, VRF/VRV, Cassette Ac, Package AC, Ductable AC for office building, Mall, Hospitals, Clean room, Airport, Hotel, Banks, Auditoriums, etc.

Residential Air Conditioning

Fan coil unit. Cassette Ac, Package AC, Ductable AC, Window AC, Split AC for Office buildings, home, villas, small offices, shops, etc.

Industrial Air Conditioning

Evaporative Cooling Systems, DG Room Cooling Systems, Ventilation Systems, Precision Air conditioning, High Density Cooling systems for Industrial Building, Assembly Area, War House, CMM Lab, Engine Testing Lab, Data Center, etc.

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