Air Handling Unit (AHU)

An air handling unit is a device used to regulate and circulate air as part of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The AHU is the lungs of any HVAC system which takes in outside air, reconditions (filtered and either heated or cooled) it and supplies it as fresh air to the air conditioned room. These are Installed on a common base frame, the single & dual duct air handling unit has the following functions:?

  • Filtering function with EU-class filter
  • Heating function with electrical heater or hot-water heating coil/central heating coil
  • Cooling function with air cooler for direct expansion (of Freon) or cooling with chilled water
  • Humidifier function with steam nozzles for air humidification
  • Droplet separator for removal of water drops from humidifier or air cooler

The rise in energy efficient building designs is increasing the need for ventilation systems. Energy efficient buildings require more insulation to reduce heating and cooling loss. This means that the air inside of your building lingers longer and becomes stale. The stale air also puts your building at a greater risk for allergies, residual odours, condensation, mould and more. Cool Earth HVAC Engineers provide highly efficient Air handling units, for both small and large-scale ventilation, circulating fresh air through any building.

AHU can be integrated into a total solution for your entire building with no extra configurations needed and no additional design work required, you can select your ideal settings as you would with any ventilation device.